Leandro Prudêncio, Fernanda Ferraz Camilo, Roselena Faez
2014 Química Nova  
Recebido em 11/07/2013; aceito em 18/12/2013; publicado na web em 21/3/2014 IONIC LIQUIDS AS PLASTICIZERS IN NITRILE RUBBER/POLYANILINE BLENDS. Two imidazolium-based ionic liquids (C 4 MIMTf 2 N and C 4 MIMBF 4 ) were used to verify their influence on polyaniline (PANI) and nitrile rubber (NBR)/PANI blend properties and the vulcanization process. High conductivity values were observed for PANI-C 4 MIMTf 2 N samples and no interference was found for the C 4 MIMBF 4 samples. These materials were
more » ... ese materials were added to NBR by mechanical mixing. Based on the torque results, the presence of C 4 MIMBF 4 does not protect the vulcanization reaction of NBR with PANI as performed by C 4 MIMTf 2 N. The highest conductivity value was obtained with 7 wt. % of PANI-DSBA-C 4 MIMTf 2 N (10 -6 S/cm). This result is attributed to the more effective interaction of PANI and NBR phases promoted by the ionic liquid.
doi:10.5935/0100-4042.20140103 fatcat:gftzbjesvfgbzpoy65ef44jglm