Shirts and Pants Group Sharing, Clip 2 of 3: Michael, Gerardo, Jeff, Brian, and Matt share their solutions [article]

Alice S. Alston
In this clip, students continue to share their solutions to the Shirts and Pants Problem, which they have worked on in the Shirts and Pants series. Michael and Gerardo share their solution in which they have drawn lines between the shirts and pants, saying that their solution is more like Stephanie and Dana's than Jamie and Michael's. Jeff and Brian, who have drawn six outfits of shirts and pants without using lines, share their solution next. When researcher Alice Alston questions how they
more » ... there are only six outfits, Jamie responds in their stead that "there weren't any more shirts or pants". When questioned, Jeff and Brian respond that their solution is most like Jamie and Michael's. Matt then shares next from his seat, saying that his solution is most like the ones which have lines connecting the shirts and pants, while differentiating his solution by noting that his shirts are drawn above the pants.
doi:10.7282/t38g8np8 fatcat:xihptmwsafdupgdocsg52mmo5q