Učinak uporabe adsorbensa toksina na učinkovitost rasta tovnih pilića

Habib Amroun, Nora Mimoune, Djamel Khelef, Amira Ghislaine Dra, Chama Ammari, Chelali Houari, Nassima Ait Issad
2022 Veterinarska stanica  
Raw material mixtures in compound feeds may increase the risk of contamination with different mycotoxins, and their intake can lead to interactive toxic effects. As a result, there is a growing awareness of the risks posed to human and animal health by the presence of toxins produced by fungi in food and diet. The aim of this study is to assess the impact of the use of a mycotoxin binder (Micotec) on zootechnical performance in broilers. For this purpose, 3000 day-old chicks of the Arbor acres
more » ... train originating from the same hatchery were weighed and distributed equally into six groups [one control (C) and five experimental (Exp), as five repetitions receiving the mycotoxin binder Micotec at a dose of 0.1 kg]. All subjects (control and experimental groups) were fed a standard staple food suitable for each phase of rearing. The results showed significant differences between the experimental groups and the control one. The best zootechnical performances were recorded in experimental groups receiving the mycotoxin binder, compared to the control. The average weight in the finishing phase for the experimental groups was 3083.6 ± 140.7 g/subject, which was higher than the control group (2800 g/subject) (P<0.05). The consumption index was 1.62 ± 0.08% in the experimental groups, which was 1.84% higher than in chicks of the control group, positively impacting the profitability of breeding. In addition, a lower mortality rate was recorded in the experimental groups than the control (3.01 ± 0.08% vs 7.78%). According to these results, Micotec appears to be a promising additive in improving the zootechnical performance of broilers by adsorbing several types of mycotoxins and reducing their toxic power to ensure safe feed for animals and minimise economic losses caused by these contaminants.
doi:10.46419/vs.54.4.3 fatcat:wlfg5buj2zdg7n6mqvb7kyma74