Changing Attitudes of Retailers Towards Cross-channel Commerce and its Success Factors: a Longitudinal Study [article]

Uwe Leimstoll, Ralf Wölfle, Pedro Isaías, Piet Kommers, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
Cross-channel commerce concepts are increasingly being implemented and are almost universally accepted as a panacea for many current retail problems. In practice, however, these concepts are extremely complex and the question arises as to whether and under which conditions multichannel concepts can be successful. This paper shows how retailers assess the trend towards multichannel concepts and how their attitude has changed over the last years. Further, current success factors for cross-channel
more » ... s for cross-channel commerce are derived. The opinions of leading industry experts in Switzerland serve as a qualitative empirical basis. In contrast to previous years, the experts have estimated the cross-channel concepts as a whole to be successful since 2014. The analysis results further show that the success factors described in the literature so far have to be supplemented by two further factors: the density of physical stores with simultaneous scaling of the online channel and a transformation in management and organization. These results and experiences from Switzerland might help retailers who think of expanding their traditional business into the online channel or the other way round.
doi:10.26041/fhnw-1055 fatcat:l4ozmhmpz5amtd33cl3qo37jmi