K Rao, M Srinivasa, Narayana Research Guide
2017 Asia Pacific Journal of Research   unpublished
Managing an individual employee is more difficult than ever before in this fast changing economy. Work life and personal life are two sides of the coin. A balanced life is one where our energy and efforts are spread between the key areas of importance. Increasing work pressures, globalization and technological advancement have made it an issue with both the sexes, all professionals working across all levels and all industries throughout the world. This paper focuses in exploring the impact of
more » ... ing the impact of work life balance on job satisfaction and organizational commitment among women hotel employees of Hyderabad. A sample of 171 employees gathered via stratified random sampling. Data was collected through questionnaire and analyzed through SPSS. Correlation analysis highlights that significant positive relationship exists between work life balance and job satisfaction among women hotel employees. Hence, hypothesis H 1 is accepted. Pearson correlation result clearly indicates that positive relationship exist between work life balance and organizational commitment among women hotel employees. Hence, hypothesis H 2 is also accepted. INTRODUCTION Rapid changes are undergoing in the Indian families due to the increased pace of urbanization and modernization. Exposure of women to various fields has opened new outlooks, increased awareness and raised aspirations of personal growth among them. This along with their economic pressure to lead a dignified life has been credible in influencing women"s decision to enter the workforce. Hence, Indian women belonging to all classes, especially married, have entered into paid occupations. Women, in general, play multiple roles. It is a life time challenge for every woman to balance these different roles simultaneously at various stages throughout their lives. Instead of following a transitional sequence from one role to another, women are required to perform an accretion of disparate roles simultaneously each one with its unique pressure. Executing numerous roles pose both positive and negative effects on the mental health and well-being of working women. As a positive note, women with multiple roles have better physical and psychological health as they cherish motivational stimulation, self-esteem, a sense of control, physical stamina and always burst out with energy. Each role in family and work seeks different set of demands and when such role demands overlap, women employees face multiple problems. In reality, demands of family life and work interact with each other. A balanced life for women is one where they spread their energy and effort between key areas of importance in family and work. When there is an imbalance between work and family lives, it may result in family strife, violence, divorce, parenting troubles in the family life; while in work it may result in higher rates of absenteeism, reduced productivity, decreased job satisfaction and much more. Hence, work-life balance is an emerging priority for the health and well-being of employed women, their families, and for overall economic competitiveness. Work-life balance is the proper