Aeronave de cuatro motores – drones USMP
Four - engine aircraft - drones

Vihelmo Velapatiño
2015 Campus  
Recibido: julio 10 de 2015 | Revisado: agosto 21 de 2015 | Aceptado: octubre 02 de 2015 | campus | lima, perú | V. XX | n. 20 | pp. 51-56 | julio-diciembre | 2015 | issn 1812-6049 abstract The goal of the study was to develop a four-engine aircraft (drone) prototype for image acquisition, aerial video, freight of about 500 grams and 3D Laser object recognition system. The Quad-rotor methodology of design and construction was used, based on SURF navigation with which we were able to build the
more » ... ble to build the DRON-USMP prototype. This platform is equipped with sensors, autonomous navigation devices, GPS system and a security system of return to the point of takeoff when registering signal loss with the earth station. We also achieved flight experience and witnessed the proper development of the avionics on field tests on physical facilities of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the University of San Martin de Porres, as well as in open fields in the district of La Molina.
doi:10.24265/campus.2016.v20n20.05 fatcat:enykh3xn6ndnrgu3lyoryvlp5a