The energy minimization method: a multiobjective fitness evaluation technique and its application to the production scheduling in a petroleum refinery

M.R. de Almeida, S. Hamacher, M.A.C. Pacheco, M.B.R. Vellasco
Proceedings of the 2001 Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE Cat. No.01TH8546)  
This paper reviews the multiobjective fitness evaluation method called Energy Minimization (Zebulum et al, 1998a; Zebulum et al, 1998b; Zebulum et al, 2000a), and presents an analysis of the method's behavior when used in a genetic algorithm applied to production scheduling of a petroleum refinery. The experimental results are presented and analyzed, leading to an overall evaluation of the benefits provided by the model.
doi:10.1109/cec.2001.934441 fatcat:v4bwzuji4vhofc3or37vnyuosy