Detection of mitoses in embryonic epithelia using motion field analysis

Parthipan Siva, G. Wayne Brodland, David Clausi
2009 Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering  
Although computer simulations indicate that mitosis may be important to the mechanics of morphogenetic movements, algorithms to identify mitoses in bright field images of embryonic epithelia have not previously been available. Here, the authors present an algorithm that identifies mitoses and their orientations based on the motion field between successive images. Within this motion field, the algorithm seeks 'mitosis motion field prototypes' characterised by convergent motion in one direction
more » ... in one direction and divergent motion in the orthogonal direction, the local motions produced by the division process. The algorithm uses image processing, vector field analyses and pattern recognition to identify occurrences of this prototype and to determine its orientation. When applied to time-lapse images of gastrulation and neurulation-stage amphibian (Ambystoma mexicanum) embryos, the algorithm achieves identification accuracies of 68 and 67%, respectively and angular accuracies of the order of 308, values sufficient to assess the role of mitosis in these developmental processes.
doi:10.1080/10255840802609412 pmid:19051076 fatcat:tc7siqv4pbb6xo524wzacl5uuu