Optimization of Mineral sources on α-amylase Production by Brevibacillus borstelensis R1 in Submerged Fermentation

K Suribabu, K Hemalatha
2014 Scientific Journal Impact Factor: 3.449 (ISRA)   unpublished
Secondary screening provides information pertaining to the effect of different components of the medium. This is valuable in designing the medium that may be attractive as far as economic consideration is concerned. Optimization of α-amylase production was carried out by the addition of supplementary sources of minerals separately to Pikovskaya's fermentation medium by maintaining constant physical parameters (24hrs incubation time, 2% inoculum size, 37 0 C, pH 7.0 and 1% NaCl). The optimum
more » ... uction was found with 0.8% calcium chloride (2962 ± 2.0U/ml). The α-amylase produced by Brevibacillus borstelensis R1 has a number of applications in many fields such as bakery industry, food preparations, automation dishwashing, ethyl alcohol dual fermentation, fodder production, laundry and textile industries.