Director gliding in a nematic liquid crystal layer: Quantitative comparison with experiments

E. Mema, L. Kondic, L. J. Cummings
2018 Physical review. E  
The interaction between nematic liquid crystals and polymer-coated substrates may lead to slow reorientation of the easy axis (so called "director gliding") when a prolonged external field is applied. We consider the experimental evidence of zenithal gliding observed by Joly et al. in Phys. Rev. E 70, (2004) and Buluy et al. in J. Soc. Inf. Disp. 14, (2006) as well as azimuthal gliding observed by S. Faetti and P. Marianelli in Liq. Cryst. 33, (2006) and present a simple, physically-motivated
more » ... sically-motivated model that captures the slow dynamics of gliding both in the presence of an electric field and after the electric field is turned off. We make a quantitative comparison of our model results and the experimental data and conclude that our model explains the gliding evolution very well.
doi:10.1103/physreve.97.032704 pmid:29776080 fatcat:5rbxggb7vfa6fcbdrlew2ylmri