An Overview: Using Different Approaches to Synthesis New Schiff Bases Materials

Anahed A. Yaseen, Emaad T. B. Al-Tikrity, Mohammed H. Al-Mashhadan, Nadia Salih, Emad Yousif
2021 Journal of university of Anbar for pure science  
Schiff base compounds are called relative to the scientist who first prepared them (Hugo Schiff). They are synthesized by the condensation reaction of the carbonyl group -C=Oof the aldehyde or ketone compound with a primary amine. This leads to the formation of azomethine or imine group -C=Nplus water molecule. Schiff base molecules have gained special importance due to their biological activity, such as anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Schiff base compounds are also utilized in the industry
more » ... corrosion inhibitors, dyes, and photo-stabilizers of plastic polymers. This short review includes highlighting of recent approaches of synthesis novel Schiff base molecules. It also discusses the mechanism of the reaction and why it is a reversible condensation reaction.
doi:10.37652/juaps.2022.172453 fatcat:azndjfzzujhrhdyeqmrbe2ajte