Dynamical Processes Related to the Appearance of Quasi-Stationary Waves on the Subtropical Jet in the Midsummer Northern Hemisphere

Naoki Sato, Masaaki Takahashi
2006 Journal of Climate  
Statistical features of quasi-stationary planetary waves were examined on the subtropical jet in the midsummer Northern Hemisphere by using objectively analyzed data and satellite data. As a result, a quasi-stationary wave train that is highly correlated with the midsummer climate over Japan was identified. A clear phase dependency of the appearance of waves was also confirmed. An analysis of temporal evolution and wave activity flux revealed that the eastward propagation of the wave packet
more » ... ts in the Middle East, passes over East Asia, and reaches North America. The anomaly pattern is strengthened through kinetic energy conversion near the entrance of the Asian jet over the Middle East. The interaction between the anomaly pattern and the basic field contributes to the appearance of the anomalous wavelike pattern. Although the wave train is correlated with the anomaly of convective activity over the western North Pacific and the Indian Ocean, it is implied that internal dynamics are important in determining the statistical features of the appearance of anomalous quasi-stationary waves on the subtropical jet.
doi:10.1175/jcli3697.1 fatcat:zptan34skrgnbgwwoday6omrie