The Development of Communicative Culture among Senior Pupils by Means of Game Technologies

2016 Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya  
The article reveals the essence and structure of the communicative culture of senior pupils, shows the characteristics of the levels of formation (development) of a given culture (basic, situation-adaptive, creative and productive), which are determined based on the set of criteria (cognitive, rechedeyatelnostny, creative, verbal, social and perceptual); there were identified the factors that significantly affect the development of communicative culture in the late teens. The paper presents the
more » ... role of game technologies in the communicative culture of personality development. It is alleged (and experimentally proved) that the particular socio-pedagogical potential for the implementation of gaming technology, which are focused on the development of the communicative culture of the person, club associations have senior operating in extracurricular system (inflammatory) school work (or in the system of supplementary education students). The authors show the complex of game technologies, which includes the several optional modules, aimed at the development of various components of communicative culture of the person. The proceedings and recommendations, reflected in this article, are put into practice of social workers, psychologists, student leaders, and teachers of additional education schools, which in the terms of club association of teen implement the complex of game technologies development of their communicative culture.
doi:10.13187/zhmnp.2016.10.172 fatcat:g5ufx4s3enaejizn525csv3d7i