The Documents of the Bamiyan Caves-Standing on the Crossing of Cultural Interchange
写真と文化財の関わり (その2) 解説 バーミヤン石窟撮影記 東西文化の十字路に立って

Atsushi NAKA
2003 Journal of The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan  
In May of 2002, I visited The Bamiyan caves by myself to see if the wall paintings that were believed to be completely destroyed were stell there, and I reported. After the report, the government of Japan took the initiative of contributing $700,000 for restorathion of the wall painting and UNESCO soon followed. In my report, I will introduce the methods in which I was able to photograph the Bamiyan caves and gather materials of Asia. Furthemore, I have attached a list of additional wall paintings.
doi:10.11454/photogrst1964.66.158 fatcat:ccfh7yomsvgabi56vneuzpoyhi