Computation of Pressure on the Protective Structure to the Instable Slope of Pipeline Trench

Jianyong Li, Guangxiang Yuan, Siwei Wang, Zhiquan Huang
2015 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Information Sciences, Machinery, Materials and Energy   unpublished
The stability of trench slope of pipeline engineering, such as water conservancy, municipal, energy and other areas, has an important influence to the safe construction. According to the design requirements of temporary and mobile protective structure in the pipeline project, which guarantee the safety of construction personnel, firstly the various factors affecting the stability of slope of pipeline after excavation is analysed by applying geological method. Then, the interaction mechanism
more » ... ction mechanism between the slope soil and the protective structure is studied. After that, the computing method of the protective structure is established by using the classical earth pressure theory. These methods were verified and applied in engineering examples. The results show that, this method, which uses different calculation mode of earth pressure for different lithology and different conditions, has a positive significance to the rational design of protective structure in pipeline construction. Interaction between the slope of trench and the protective structure Analysis of Influence Factors for the Instable Slope of Pipeline Trench. The factors of influencing the stability of trench slope, especially including the factors of deformation and failure, should be studied to provide a theoretical basis for the design of protective structures of construction. The stability is influenced by many factors that can be divided into two types: internal factors and external factors. The internal factor includes the classes of rock and soil which are the materials of the trench slope, physical and mechanical properties of rock and soil, geological structures, the structure of rock mass, the role of water and so on. The external factors includes the types and stiffness of retaining structures, the direction and magnitude of displacement of the retaining structures compared to the rock mass, the condition of loads, vibration, International Conference on Information Sciences, Machinery, Materials and Energy (ICISMME 2015)
doi:10.2991/icismme-15.2015.339 fatcat:7uw2lfyejjhbzjm6nxe6xle6vu