Towards Securing Biometric Templates using Self Generated Dynamic Helper Data

Aditya Abhyankar, Stephanie Schuckers
Biometric information is irrevokable and hence cannot be compromised. With the advent of applications requiring transmission of biometric information using public networks, for personal authentication, it has become necessary to embed strong security in the system. Vulnerability assessment plays a key role in improving the security of any security system by identifying the potential vulnerabilities and proposing countermeasures to mitigate the threats posed by them. In this work self-generated
more » ... nd dynamic helper data based system is proposed to encrypt the biometric templates. Biometric information is statistically learned and probabilistic matching is performed to discriminate genuine from imposters. We call this system as One Time Biometric Transformation (OTBT) system. The system was tested using CASIA iris database and for probabilistic matching an EER of 1.96% is achieved. Strength analysis of the system for three different challenging databases is also presented.