e-Chemistry for K12

A.M. Josceanu, A. Dumitrescu, R. Isopescu, R. Onofrei, R. Stanciu, V. Plesu, L. Alexa
2012 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
K-12 students are great candidates for e-learning, but for different reasons than adult learners. e-Learning works at the K-12 level if focus is on "how does technology enhance the learning process". This paper presents a conceptual framework and a structured set of work strategies applied in the development of educational resources within the e-learning project "Looking forward future - e-Chemistry", a project dedicated to introducing ICT tools to the K-12 chemistry teaching staff in Romania.
more » ... t represented a tremendous challenge for our team, by its scale, but mostly by its specificity. The paper also provides reflections on the efficacy of the design process that resulted in formation of the design principles applied within the framework of the project.
doi:10.3303/cet1229237 doaj:369a2f302f60459c8ddae51f7bd4e4ee fatcat:333zed3r5bh6dnevygv4p5xtaq