The early growth of (sub-L*) super-massive black holes as seen by Chandra

Fabio Vito, W. N. Brandt, R. Gilli, C. Vignali, A. Comastri, F. Bauer, G. Yang
2018 Zenodo  
Deep X-ray surveys provide unprecedented access to the population of accreting super-massive black holes (SMBH) at high redshift. I will present our recent results (Vito et al. 2018) on the 33 AGN. I will show our findings on the high-redshift AGN X-ray luminosity function, focussing in particular on the slope of the faint end, accessible only by the deepest X-ray surveys. This is particularly important to assess the contribution of AGN to the cosmic reionization. All of these results will be
more » ... aced in the context of SMBH seeds formation and growth. I will also discuss how future missions like Lynx, Athena and JWST will boost our knowledge of the SMBH formation and evolution in the early Universe.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1472839 fatcat:kb7jf5llgrdahmwvqivonaolh4