Rapid Oscillations of CI aur and AQ TAU

Liu Xuefu, Li Zhian
1989 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
Photoelectric (UBV) observations were made with the 91-cm telescope of McDonald Observatory of CI Aur (P=lḍ870) and AQ Tau (P=lḍ216) from November 1984 to January 1985. The light-curves showed obvious disturbances, including apparent "flickering", but do not appear to show secondary minima. There is a "dip" in each light-curve near phase 0P1. Average values of the colour indices outside eclipse were (B-V)=0ṃ860, (U-B)=0ṃ432 for CI Aur and 1ṃ15 and 0ṃ59 , respectively, for AQ Tau. During eclipse, CI Aur is redder.
doi:10.1017/s0252921100088072 fatcat:j2tmxedqk5cfbj6phbjvqq4m74