Rich Dynamics of a Predator-Prey System with Different Kinds of Functional Responses

Kankan Sarkar, Subhas Khajanchi, Prakash Chandra Mali, Juan J. Nieto, Hamid Reza Karimi
2020 Complexity  
In this study, we investigate a mathematical model that describes the interactive dynamics of a predator-prey system with different kinds of response function. The positivity, boundedness, and uniform persistence of the system are established. We investigate the biologically feasible singular points and their stability analysis. We perform a comparative study by considering different kinds of functional responses, which suggest that the dynamical behavior of the system remains unaltered, but
more » ... position of the bifurcation points altered. Our model system undergoes Hopf bifurcation with respect to the growth rate of the prey population, which indicates that a periodic solution occurs around a fixed point. Also, we observed that our predator-prey system experiences transcritical bifurcation for the prey population growth rate. By using normal form theory and center manifold theorem, we investigate the direction and stability of Hopf bifurcation. The biological implications of the analytical and numerical findings are also discussed in this study.
doi:10.1155/2020/4285294 fatcat:daith4xy2ng3re3ljsqhnrhu6y