Duplicated appendix with an acute abdomen in 16 years old female with both appendices inflamed: a rare case report

Shivakumar S., Uday Kumar
2020 International Surgery Journal  
Duplicated appendix is a rare congenital anomaly with incidence of 0.004-0.009% and its mostly an incidental finding on table, when one of them is acutely inflamed and very rarely both of them can be inflamed as in this case. Report a case of young girl who presented with complain of pain abdomen and vomiting in the last 2 days. Clinically patient was diagnosed to have acute appendicitis and on laparoscopy, patient had duplicated appendix one at the ileocaecal valve and the other 2cm away near
more » ... he caecum with pus and faecolith. Histopathology confirmed appendicitis in the both appendices. Reported about this interesting rare case because even though the incidence of duplicated appendix is too low (0.004-0.009%), should always search for the missed appendix in patients who underwent appendicectomy earlier and complains of severe pain in right iliac fossa. Aim was to report such a rare interesting case and give a small gentle reminder to the surgeons as duplicated appendix even though rare but still a possibility.
doi:10.18203/2349-2902.isj20204691 fatcat:kurnzz2bbrgdrazinmasxanab4