Antioxidant Properties of Far Infrared-Treated Rice Hull Extract in Irradiated Raw and Cooked Turkey Breast [report]

S. C. Lee, K. C. Nam, Dong U. Ahn
2004 unpublished
The antioxidant effect of far infrared-treated rice hull (FRH) extracts in irradiated turkey breast meat was compared with that of sesamol and rosemary oleoresin. The FRH extracts significantly decreased thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances values and volatile aldehydes (hexanal, pentanal, and propanal) and was effective in reducing the production of dimethyl disulfide responsible for irradiation off-odor in irradiated raw and cooked turkey meat during aerobic storage. The antioxidant
more » ... antioxidant activity of FRH extracts (0.1%, wt/wt) was as effective as that of rosemary oleoresin (0.1%). However, the addition of FRH extracts increased red and yellow color intensities and produced an off-odor characteristic to rice hull in raw and cooked meat.
doi:10.31274/ans_air-180814-1029 fatcat:egqqujerx5ca7nmxv4vxzxyasq