Sending Scholarship Students Abroad in Ottoman Empire

2017 European Journal of Contemporary Education  
The implementation of sending scholarship students abroad that started in the 19 th century by Sultan Selim III in Ottoman Empire continued during the period of other Sultans became a significant reference point for the abroad scholarship policy of Turkey. The students that were firstly sent abroad especially for military training, were sent to other countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Prussia, England, Belgium and Russia so as to have an education in various areas in the
more » ... ious areas in the following years. In this paper, the legal arrangements for choosing scholarship student's selection process, rights, and obligation are dealt. Then, national and international factors that triggered sending scholarship students abroad are addressed in order to have a wide understanding of the implementation process of the scholarship program. Finally, the achievements of the Ottoman Empire due to the success of scholarship students are put forth by examining the study areas and countries of the students.
doi:10.13187/ejced.2017.4.830 fatcat:7v6h4o6oxzcrhi5m3hdi7hmdji