Anus Wuryanto Wuryanto Wur
2018 Jurnal Inkofar  
At this time, where the development of technology and information developed very quickly. This has an impact on the ease in various fields of work, including the field of K3 faculty administration. The use of computer technology makes the process of OSH administration more effective and efficient. PT. Exaudi Bina Karya Karawang is a health and safety service company in the field of K3 training and training. It is one of the companies that still use manual system in its administrative process
more » ... strative process both in data recap and data storage process which still using physical document, so it is very possible to errors in recording and difficulties in searching data. Based on this background the authors are encouraged to create a program of K3 development guidance that is expected to help the process of OSH administration becomes more effective and efficient. K3 development guidance program is made by using software microsoft visual studio 2008 and microsoft access 2010 as database application. The use of OSH administration program to be the right solution to facilitate the process of input data coaching, input data company and input data participants. Easy in search of data and reports produced will be more accurate.
doi:10.46846/jurnalinkofar.v1i1.39 fatcat:nnvsjpasc5csvkq6rlpck2qm54