Hearing alterations in children aged 7 to 9 years old from an elementary public school in São Luís, Maranhão - doi:10.5020/18061230.2007.p155

Barbara Tereza Fonseca da Silva, Márcia de Oliveira Monte, Vânia Maria de Farias Aragão, Barbara Tereza Fonseca da Silva
2012 Revista Brasileira em Promoção da Saúde  
The objective of this study was to verify the hearing alterations and their frequencies in children aged 7-9 years old from a public elementary school in São Luís, Maranhão. The study was carried out from May to July, 2004, with 101 first grade scholars, 52 boys and 49 girls. The scholars were evaluated by means of otoscopic, audiometric and tympanometric procedures at the Medical Dental Integrated Clinic. The tests involving 202 ears demonstrated that 27% (54) of these had cerumen impaction.
more » ... erumen impaction. One scholar showed perforated tympanic membrane (0.5%). Hearing within the normal limits was observed in 75.7% (153) of the ears, while 24.3% (49) presented hearing alterations. The most frequent alterations were the conductive hearing loss, in 15% (31) of the ears, followed by the sensorineural hearing loss, in 6% (13). Mixed hearing loss occurred in 2.5% (5). Imitation testing involving 201 ears showed altered tympanic membrane: type B curve in 8.5% (17) and type C curve in 9.5% (19). There were no statistical associations between hearing impairments and gender or between hearing impairments and laterality of the ear. It was concluded that hearing evaluation of school children is necessary for the early identification and correction of its multiple consequences.
doi:10.5020/1018 doaj:d14bb1f923934e3aba3582367f9f7ada fatcat:7ih4anw7azglrnobl64k642uwm