A Colour Atlas of Rheumatology

A. K. Thould
1981 Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases  
The book is written in the form of separate articles by different authors but linked up very effectively with crossreferences and a comprehensive index, so that it does not appear to be discontinuous. It is therefore easy to read, and the enthusiasm of the authors for their subjects comes across in each chapter, making the approach to a large field varied and interesting. It is also sufficiently concise for revision purposes, with adequate references for more detailed study if required. The
more » ... strations are generally good, but pictures of macroscopic pathology are lacking in some chapters. I also thought that the separation of the morbid anatomy from the clinical picture was an artificial and unnecessary division and would probably be more useful if integrated into the relevant chapters. Altogether, this is a very readable and useful book, which is realistically priced for the undergraduate student.
doi:10.1136/ard.40.5.534-a fatcat:epdpa2tytrh3hi74w6ddu3tu74