The Role of the Gastric Hormones Ghrelin and Nesfatin-1 in Reproduction

Martha A. Schalla, Andreas Stengel, Universitätsbibliothek Der FU Berlin
Ghrelin and nesfatin-1 are enteroendocrine peptide hormones expressed in rat X/A-like and human P/D1cells of the gastric mucosa. Besides their effect on food intake, both peptides are also implicated in various other physiological systems. One of these is the reproductive system. This present review illustrates the distribution of ghrelin and nesfatin-1 along the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis, their modulation by reproductive hormones, and effects on reproductive functions as well
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doi:10.17169/refubium-33513 fatcat:2upxqbmvkvakxgncvzpkg5ieiy