Acoustic radiation force and torque exerted on a small viscoelastic particle in an ideal fluid [article]

J. P. Leao-Neto, Glauber T. Silva
2016 arXiv   pre-print
We provide a detailed analysis on the acoustic radiation force and torque exerted on a homogeneous viscoelastic particle in the long-wave limit (the particle radius is much smaller than the incident wavelength) by an arbitrary wave. We assume that the particle behaves as a linear viscoelastic solid, which obeys the fractional Kelvin-Voigt model. Simple analytical expressions for the radiation force and torque are obtained considering the low- and high-frequency approximation in the viscoelastic
more » ... model. The developed theory is used to describe the interaction of acoustic waves (traveling and standing plane waves, and zero- and first-order Bessel beams) with a low- and high-density polyethylene particle chosen as examples. Negative axial radiation force and torque are predicted when the ratio of the longitudinal to shear relaxation times is smaller than a constant that depends on the speed of sound in the particle. In addition, a full 3D tractor Bessel vortex beam acting on the high-density polyethylene is depicted. These predictions may enable new possibilities of particle handling in acoustophoretic techniques.
arXiv:1508.01908v2 fatcat:7bknqi3lujhcdeb4kwok2fed5u