Spatial Analysis of Flood Inundation for Ensuring Stream Space

2015 Journal of the Korean Society of Civil Engineers  
This study is to select the areas to ensure stream space or to implement flood defence measures according to flood frequencies by classifying the stream segment using river bed slope in Mangyeong river. The analysis result for each stream segment showed that the variation of flood inundation area was small in upper stream catchment. But in the lower stream area, the inundation area became larger greatly according to the increase of flood return period. This study classified the catchment of
more » ... he catchment of each steam segment as the region of ensuring stream space (ESS), below 10% residential area ratio, and the region of reinforcing flood defence (RFD), over 10% residential area ratio. The analysis results showed that the lower stream area included more RFD regions than upper stream area, and the upper stream area included more ESS regions than lower stream area. In future study, the regions stream spaces can be ensured will be analyzed considering the past stream morphology and the positions of wetlands.
doi:10.12652/ksce.2015.35.2.0341 fatcat:4yz3uxxllner7irsl77hib22tm