Global Network Access and Publication of Survey Data

N.E. White
1998 Symposium - International astronomical union  
The results of astronomical surveys include 1) catalogs containing anywhere from a few to many million objects, 2) data products used to generate the catalogs (e.g., images or spectra), 3) publications and 4) object based compilations of information from many sources. The ubiquitous growth in the Internet and the dramatic reduction in the cost of mass storage systems now allows instant global access to this information. Astrophysics on-line services have grown up with the Internet, and
more » ... an invaluable resource whose access is a routine part of any research project. Unfortunately users are also faced with searching and accessing multiple sites with different content, access and response methods. There can also be inconsistencies amongst the various systems, which can involve extra effort to resolve. A network-integrated astrophysics system has long been sought because it would remove multiple user interfaces and allow much simpler integration of services. In an era of shrinking budgets, the issue is how to achieve this in a cost effective manner. This review gives an overview of the current situation and discusses the likely evolution towards a network-integrated astrophysics system.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900129377 fatcat:dstkyngicvgjto3zkdzkuwb4q4