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1900 Scientific American  
J t i tut i f i t �mtr i tau. RECENTLY PATENTED INVENTIONS. AgrIcultural IDlplenaents. CHECK-ROW CORN-PLANTER. -CHARLES M. DAYTON, Bowling Green, Ky. The purpose of the in vention is to provide a planter which will drive stakes to mark the end of a row. The stake-setting mecbani�m is automatically actuated; the machine plants without tbe use of a wire. The invention consists essentially of a pianter provided with stake-holders, mechanism for planting corn and fertilizer together in hills at
more » ... iar intervale, IUId means whereby the mechanism for plant Ing will automatically actuate the stake-holder� to re and drive tbe stakes in order to mark the end of a row. PLOW. -MICHAEL BYSTROM, Centerville, S. D. The plow has a mold_boara provided witb fi ngers which can be quickly adjusted, so that any undesirable mate rial upon the field (weeds, long stubble, straw), can be covered up, whether tbe ground be loose, dry or wet. The plowshare is so constructed that it will produce a straIght, well-defi ned cut. The point remains sharp for a long time, so that tbe land-side is subjected to but little pressure. MechanIcal Inventions. EXHIBITING-MACHINE -J OHN HEISSENBERGER, Bronx, New York city. Tbis machine is designed to exhibit illuminated pictures and to provide music during the exhibition, and to distribute pbotograpbs or other articles before� or after the exhibition of the pictures, all the parts being controlled by a common motor, set in motion by a coin. Tbe picture·carrier and cylinder of the music-box are automatically stopped and the light employed for illumination extinguisbed as soon as the first picture exhibited is again hrougbt before the lenses. Comparatively few parts are necessary to perform these various functions. The machine is simply and durably constructed, and is so arrauged tbat but little spaee is occupied.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06021900-348a fatcat:o6x3chk6f5fybhfaua2g4zt2xe