Is There a Need to Conduct Water Rights Transactions in the Water-Rich Areas of China? A Case Study of the Taihu Basin [post]

Fengping Wu, Min Zhu, Shang Luo, Junyuan Shen, Xia Xu, Fang Li
2018 unpublished
To alleviate the contradiction between the increasing demand for water and the shortage of resources and to provide a favorable institutional environment for water rights trading, the Chinese government has strengthened the top-level design of water management system. However, the water-rich regions (southern regions of China) have good water resource endowment and a surplus of total water consumption indicators. Does this mean that there is no incentive and no need to conduct water rights
more » ... ng in these regions? Through the investigation of water rights circulation cases in the Taihu Basin, a typical water-rich region of China, we established the existence of trading demand and some difficulties in conducting transactions. This paper argues that the needs of trading include alleviating the water gap in regional development, solving the water demand for large new projects, coordinating trans-jurisdiction water disputes. The plight of trading includes the lack of awareness, irregular process, excessive administrative intervention, and imperfect trading system.
doi:10.20944/preprints201811.0393.v1 fatcat:usi2h2ch25g6dnhdkwuxo5vsdq