1P304 Mercury drop runs unidirectionally along a silver "rail"(Mathematical biology, biological rythms, and non-equilibrium phenomena,Poster Presentations)
1P304 銀の"レール"上を一方向へ自律移動する水銀アクチュエータの研究(数理生物学、非平衡・生体リズム,ポスター発表,第45回日本生物物理学会年会)

Xiao Ling, Shingo Maeda, Shuji Hashimoto
2007 Seibutsu Butsuri  
Oscillating pbenQmena are impor 侵mt 駄) comsider lfe 畢 tems . In 面 s study , con 口nuous s 虚 Ted 飢 nk r ∈ gCtous ( CSTR )fi ) r osc 皿a 恒 ng chem 土 cal reao 匪on such as BZ reac 邑 on d B 嶼 . Rauschrr CMR) ieaction are 。onneCted in 。rder ・ tO・ obseTve ・ the・ interacti 。 n ・ between reactnrs of 血 n 』 hree kiロ ds ofsolutions requ 血 ed 飾r BR reau w 晄且owed 血 匸 o 血 st r 巳 跏 rat , and the mixed so ] ution was fiowed intn next reactor −愈 ed vLtith a tUbo ε e 叩 end 詛 yAsaresult , 伽 ℃ e . d血
more » ... d血 通Dnalphenomenonwasobser 鴨 dwitk 血 出 ege C s , respectively . At 丘rst 出 e ll) lutien ineach rea 伽 t ' is clear andbecDmesbrown andtlieriblue , the solu 仁 km 血 each reac ぬ r chang 聡 iしs ooler whl [ e , se 且 utions are supplied . This edlor Chmmkre happems repeatedly at a Cyele of appmx 亡dy lO sev ) nds , and a cycle and a rh 蜘 depend on a reac し or Wh the suiLubDns aIe supplied and thg 皿 ixed solution iS flowed to each reactOr , the BR raattian 恥 at the bO 血 } m of 血 ∋ 蹠 or 鼠 When the supPly iS stopped , thechangesoccuratthe solution su Uce 曲 ユ y . 舳 亡 heso 且 u 加 n 嬉 且σwed tOし he next veactr ) r du ℃u 奮b a GDn エ [ ected tube , the 出 y 出 e 曲 tion dixge nQt charXgq じ hough theold su ) lutien in the neXtreac 加 rhas a differentrhythn. 皿 1us, im sDlution iS diVided intO two layers in a 田 acto 瓦 and eaehlayer shows dnbrent reactk ) n 由 y丗 lns 、 R 血 more , the osc 田mtion of the m 獻 m in eaCh laye日 5 prOpagatea 加 d The Mencury Beat血 g Hea 朮 瓜 . 旧 H) is one of oldest and bes 亡 . studied o 顔 1磁 駄)ry e 且 礁 hemica!reae 匸 bn 蕗 . ln 曲 on レ am ε y drOP, submerged 血 aci 曲 su) lu恒on con g an oXidiz2 鴨 pU/ sates raptaly ( at − 1 Hz )when arh n need ] e has be 皿b蝋 } ught into contaCt With i匸s periphery The energy reqmbed fi 〕 r the o 蛾 凵a 加 on is supphed t. hrough clectron しransfer from the iいon む o the oXidizer . Burmuse its Iela 口 vdy 脚 肋 queney c 。 mpared tO the other oscillatr= 7 ・ nystemag tbe MBH reactTan has bor / n th ) ught . tO be a 騨 candidate for engineering chernically driven ac 加 ators . in 曲 Study , we ¢ ngineeied novel uD 醺 on 烈 movement of 出 e mer ℃ ury dmp based on 出 e osc山 atcry MBH reaction , bv suppl } 加 eLe 血 Dn 唱 thmugh a snver w 齬 「 ' raill 「 . We d a 離 ver 畑 a し the b α七 tom of a 亡Tansparent ac − ・ lic、 . essel fi ] led with 上M HNO8 and D . 1M K2{ h・ 10T , and 山 en pLaced a merculy dい っ p on the 畑 . 釉 en we let a me 鳳 n ∈ Edle tOudh じ he s丑ver Wire, Hg dmp begun 加 ghde ovEr the wire likea tra 血 tOwndithe directlonopposibetD 廿ieneedleatah 〕ut 35mr seu . We uatdd DDn 廿Y 〕 l the dmction αfthe ement bl , changiing theposition wh しhe needle toinhes the whc、 We measured the velocdts ・ Df 出 e divp and itS shape Change at d曲 c ロteXpehmental condih Ω ms and f〕ulld thaし し he a見血〕nomoLLs [ 蚊 bn お 1ikely tO be 曲 en bythe 助 匸 DDpy inthe 血 曲 副 【 e ion on the s 漁 of 止 e drop, 一 ・ hiCh has been deve] opedduetoananyrnmetricveductiona し丗 es 颯eofthe dmpdo6er し othehn 〕 nneedle . lP305llZ
doi:10.2142/biophys.47.s99_3 fatcat:sstq3p5nrfeg7gcydgrisddlfe