Salt stress alleviation by seed priming with silicon in lettuce seedlings: an approach based on enhancing antioxidant responses

Rita de Cássia Alves, Mayara Cristina Malvas Nicolau, Mirela Vantini Checchio, Gilmar da Silveira Sousa Junior, Francisco de Assis de Oliveira, Renato Melo Prado, Priscila Lupino Gratão
2020 Bragantia  
Seed germination and seedling growth are the stages most sensitive to salt stress, which can induce ion-specific effects and oxidative stress. Although silicon (Si) has been known to improve plant defense systems against stressful-conditions, little is known about seed priming with Si and mechanisms of Si-mediated alleviation of salt stress in seedlings. To further the modulation of salt-stress responses and their relation with Si, seed priming with calcium silicate (0, 0.05 and 0.1 mM Ca 2 SiO
more » ... and 0.1 mM Ca 2 SiO 4 ) was used in lettuce seeds to improve seed germination and tolerance on subsequent salt-stress exposure (0 and 50 mM NaCl). The effect of Si-priming was assessed on germination, germination rate index and mean germination time and survival of seedlings in salt-stressful conditions supported by biochemical approach involving antioxidant responses. Overall results indicated that Si plays a role in alleviating the negative effects of salt stress by improving germination performance and displayed increased SOD, CAT and GR activities and reduced malondialdehyde and H 2 O 2 contents. Thus, our findings demonstrate that seed-priming with Si is an efficient management technique that can be used to alleviate deleterious effects of salt-stressful on germination of lettuce seeds and enhance salt tolerance of seedlings due the increased activity of ROS-scavenging enzymes.
doi:10.1590/1678-4499.20190360 fatcat:ota5vxxtj5hcrm43os3rntndhi