134Cs and85Sr in blackberry plants

P. Fortunati, M. Brambilla, F. Carini
2002 Radioprotection - Revue de la Societé Francaise de Radioprotection  
The transfer was investigated of Cs and Sr to a bush plant, blackberry, at short term after an acute release. Results presented of the first experimental year have been produced for validation of SPADE suite of codes. The objective was to improve the assessment of risk from ingestion of fruit contaminated with radionuclides. Blackberry plants were grown in pots filled with a mixture of peat, pumice and compost, and placed under a ventilated tunnel in field. An acute wet deposition was simulated
more » ... of Cs and Sr in soluble form, onto the aboveground part of the plant or onto the soil surface, at three phenological stages: predormancy, anthesis, and ripening. Leaf to fruit translocation coefficients are one order of magnitude higher for l34 Cs than for Sr. Direct deposition affects fruit activity, accounting for 55% of IJ4 Cs and 75% of 85 Sr detectable at harvest. Soil to fruit transfer coefficients are approximately one order of magnitude higher for 8S Sr than for l34 Cs.
doi:10.1051/radiopro/2002101 fatcat:wqn5uom7szf2zabg5ceqhplbdi