MEG-BIDS: an extension to the Brain Imaging Data Structure for magnetoencephalography [article]

Julia Guiomar Niso Galan, Krzysztof Jacek Gorgolewski, Elizabeth Bock, Teon L. Brooks, Guillaume Flandin, Alexandre Gramfort, Richard N. Henson, Mainak Jas, Vladimir Litvak, Jeremy Moreau, Robert Oostenveld, Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen (+3 others)
2017 bioRxiv   pre-print
We present a significant extension of the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) to support the specific aspects of magnetoencephalography (MEG) data. MEG provides direct measurement of brain activity with millisecond temporal resolution and unique source imaging capabilities. So far, BIDS has provided a solution to structure the organization of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data, which nature and acquisition parameters are different. Despite the lack of standard data format for MEG, MEG-BIDS
more » ... a principled solution to store, organize and share the typically-large data volumes produced. It builds on BIDS for MRI, and therefore readily yields a multimodal data organization by construction. This is particularly valuable for the anatomical and functional registration of MEG source imaging with MRI. With MEG-BIDS and a growing range of software adopting the standard, the MEG community has a solution to minimize curation overheads, reduce data handling errors and optimize usage of computational resources for analytics. The standard also includes well-defined metadata, to facilitate future data harmonization and sharing efforts.
doi:10.1101/172684 fatcat:edwjx7fhazeztpu54gqmjvedn4