A Review on Healthier Dietary Fats for Lower Calories in Take and Body Weight Control

Rabie S. Farag, Hanafy A. Hashem, Abdel-Alrahman Naser, Montaser A. Mohamed
2021 Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research  
Obesity is a global problem and numbers are rising at a fast pace in developing countries and it becomes a major public health concern. Economic costs associated with obesity are high and increasing with the rate of obesity. Obesity is a state of body fat being accumulated in excess, and it is well known that many diseases including metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and hyperlipemia and diseases in circulatory organs Such as hypertension and ischemic cardiac diseases tend to follow obesity.
more » ... to follow obesity. The fat contained in meals is one of the nutrients most profoundly related to the accumulation of body fat, but the excessive ingestion of fat may result in obesity. However, fat has intrinsic taste, and meals of extremely reduced-fat are often insufficient to give Satisfaction. Further, when deep-fried food or fried food is made, edible oil is indispensable as a heating medium. The so-called fat substitutes were developed in the early 2000s for resolving such a situation. However, none of them are fully satisfactory in Safety, physical properties, cooking properties and flavor. This review will discuss the dietary fats that were developed for different food applications which are claimed as healthy oils with lower calorie intake than classical triglycerides oils which have a caloric content of average of 9 cal/gm and recommendations for optimum healthier and dietary for obesity and diabetic control and lower calories food.
doi:10.9734/ajacr/2021/v8i130183 fatcat:m5xlbw5vx5hshcoayrftffm6q4