The biomechanical model table tennis ball smash mechanics characteristics

Shaowen Yan, Kunling Qin, Bing Zhang, Z. Henan, J.Y. Beijing
2017 2016 National Convention on Sports Science of China   unpublished
Table tennis smash model is established according to the principle of geometry, depending on the high ball and low shot the ball trajectory diagram and shot point location, through the establishment of though laser equation, this paper based on constrained particle dynamics equation, get the torque on the shoulder and elbow. According to the shot, according to different net surface vertical distance for table tennis landing point of difference, six different with the Angle of the ball low
more » ... the ball low through a network under the location data. When the drop shot, should try to be arms straight ahead and keep the vertical ball, athletes swing elevation, and the greater the chance of the ball through the net.
doi:10.1051/ncssc/201701036 fatcat:4zosevlb6ng2zp4yo4sbsuekxq