Location Authentication Methods for Wireless Network Access Control

Lichun Bao
2008 2008 IEEE International Performance, Computing and Communications Conference  
Location-based service provisioning is of great interests to wireless Internet service providers. However, the essential mechanism, location authentication, can easily become the target of network hackers for free-riding and attacks. We identify two aspects for improvements at the network providers to enforce location authentication for network access control -location-based key distribution and run-time location verification, and propose solutions to enforce network access control based on
more » ... ontrol based on locations, which we refer to as LENA (Location-Enforced Network Access). First, we designed a location authentication and authorization protocol based on Diffie-Hellman algorithm, which securely authenticates the location claims of mobile wireless devices, and distributes shared keys for data encryption purposes. Secondly, we employ a mobility management protocol to guarantee that the mobile devices are physically at where they claim to be when they access the network. These two steps can separately enforce location based network access control, or be combined. LENA eliminates the dependence on expensive hardware devices in order to localize the mobile devices, and solves a couple of possible attacks to the system. The computational, communication, and the memory requirements are evaluated and validated using simulations.
doi:10.1109/pccc.2008.4745118 dblp:conf/ipccc/Bao08 fatcat:mhzsha4yxfc5ppl4saex3pdxw4