Subject index to volume 3, 1989

1989 International Journal of Approximate Reasoning  
Aggregate production planning, 130-141 Approximate reasoning with interval-valued fuzzy sets, 121-142 and prototypical knowledge, 157-177 ATMS (assumption-based truth maintenance system), 219-237 Belief functions, 307 Belief plausibility, pluralistic evaluation of, and its application to nonmonotonic reasoning, 219-237 Causality and maximum entropy updating, 87-114 Causal reasoning vs. diagnostic reasoning, 104-108 Certainty factor model, 240-241 Consistent bounds, 437-439, 455-459 Constraint
more » ... opagation of label sets, some extensions of, 417-435 Counteffactuals, 92-104 Default constraints, 426-428 Default knowledge in constraint propagation of labels, 428-432 Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence and evidential reasoning, 307-313 Jeffrey-like rules of conditioning for, 143-156 for real-world image analysis, 59-85 Entropy, maximum application to inexact reasoning, 1-34 updating, causality and, 87-114 Epistemic necessity, possibility, and truth, 35-57 Evidence fusion, 437-466 Evidential analyses, explaining, 299-353 Evidential language for uncertain and nonmonotonic reasoning, 397--406 Evidential reasoning for a pyramid vision system, 59-85 generating explanations within, 314-323 overview, 307-314 Expert systems and applicability of maximum entropy to inexact reasoning, 1-34 and explanation generation, 299-353 prototypical knowledge-based, and approximate reasoning, 157-177 rule-based, 239-258 a valuation-based language for, 383-411 Fuzzy knowledge-based systems, tools for dealing with imprecision and uncertainty in, 35-57
doi:10.1016/0888-613x(89)90026-1 fatcat:6qv5tsunv5fp5kw47uxlhl5ezu