A Trust Based Security Scheme for RREQ Flooding Attack in MANET

Shishir K. Shandilya, Sunita Sahu
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Mobile ad hoc are gaining popularity because of availability of low cost mobile devices and its ability to provide instant wireless networking capabilities where implementation of wired network is not possible or costly. MANETs are vulnerable to various types of attack because of its features like continuous changing topology, resource constraints and unavailability of any centralized infrastructure. Many denial of service type of attacks are possible in the MANET and one of these type attack
more » ... these type attack is flooding attack in which malicious node sends the useless packets to consume the valuable network resources. Flooding attack is possible in all most all on demand routing protocol. In this paper we present a novel technique to mitigate the effect of RREQ flooding attack in MANET using trust estimation function in DSR on demand routing protocol.
doi:10.5120/964-1341 fatcat:vbez7k5o3rhw5nmjo3nmmzo3vm