Fast responsive nonvolatile holographic storage in LiNbO_3 triply doped with Zr, Fe, and Mn

Yongfa Kong, Fucai Liu, Tian Tian, Shiguo Liu, Shaolin Chen, Romano Rupp, Jingjun Xu
2009 Optics Letters  
Iron and manganese doubly doped LiNbO 3 (LN:Fe,Mn) has been suggested for nonvolatile photorefractive recording; however, its response time is still of the order of minutes. Here we present results on LiNbO 3 triply doped with zirconium, iron, and manganese (LN:Zr,Fe,Mn). The codoping with Zr eliminates undesirable intrinsic traps, which strongly enhances the charge transition speed. The response time of LN:Zr,Fe,Mn for nonvolatile holographic storage shortens to only 0.95 s (wavelength of 532
more » ... m and intensity of 400 mW/ cm 2 ), and the sensitivity reaches 1.31 cm/J. Thus it seems that we have found an excellent recording medium for practical holographic storage devices.
doi:10.1364/ol.34.003896 pmid:20016650 fatcat:uwkpwct32jdnjbbfb5gjquzezm