Hyperequivalence of logic programs with respect to supported models

Mirosław Truszczyński, Stefan Woltran
2008 Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence  
Recent research in nonmonotonic logic programming has focused on program equivalence relevant for program optimization and modular programming. So far, most results concern the stable-model semantics. However, other semantics for logic programs are also of interest, especially the semantics of supported models which, when properly generalized, is closely related to the autoepistemic logic of Moore. In this paper, we consider a framework of equivalence notions for logic programs under the
more » ... ed (minimal) modelsemantics and provide characterizations for this framework in model-theoretic terms. We use these characterizations to derive complexity results concerning testing hyperequivalence of logic programs wrt supported (minimal) models. 1 There is little work on other semantics, with (Cabalar et al. 2006 ) being a notable exception.
doi:10.1007/s10472-009-9119-8 fatcat:md6tnk3jzranrcz3mfmsqilnw4