Exploring Artificial Neural Networks in Cryptography – A Deep Insight

Manikandan N
2020 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research  
In today's digital world, cryptography became indispensable in almost all trending technologies. For ensuring a completely secure system with limited computational complexity involved in the generation of randomness, secret key and other aspects, researchers employed various techniques to the cryptosystems. Despite the considerable number of strategies, applications of Artificial neural networks (ANN) for cryptographic problems appeared to be more remarkable. Owing to this fact, this work has
more » ... en devoted to reveal the applications of different kinds of artificial neural networks for different categories in cryptosystems. Artificial Neural Networks are stepping stones in search of artificial intelligence. ANNs are chosen because they are good at generalization, adaptive decision making and unknown pattern recognition. This plethora of information regarding how each neural network was used in different types of cryptosystems is mainly contributed to future researchers to aid their novel works in this discipline. Also, application of Neural networks for cryptography related problems yielded positive results in almost all the applied fields. Therefore, this work is done with the intention of highlighting the novel combination of neural networks and cryptography.
doi:10.30534/ijeter/2020/146872020 fatcat:wqtgwcxwgbbt3pr2tpinq2goiu