Correlations of Biomechanical Characteristics with Ball Speed in Penalty Corner Push-In Art and Architecture of Veera Choleeswara Temple at Kolumum-A Study with Historical Perspectives

S Krishnaveni, Mrs Selvanayaki
2017 International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies   unpublished
Kolumam popularly called as Then Thanjai (Thanjavur of the south is noted for hoary past, rich antiquity, History and tradition. In the early centuries of the Christian era Kolumum was ruled Sangam monarch called Kirnanan and hence the place is also called Kumanapuri. Later on the word got corrupted and came to be called as Kulumur and then as Kuluman. The inscriptions mention the place as Sangaramanallur and Koluman. This paper deals the historical perspectives of Veera Choleeswara Temple.