Sanjay Gupta, Vipin Garsa, Piyush Kumar, S K Rathee, Vivek Malik
2017 International Journal of Anatomy and Research  
Hip bone usually displays differences in morphology in two senses due to different reproductive functions, which are influenced by sex hormones. Therefore, shapes of hip bone are different in males and females that make it interesting anatomically and anthropologically. Though non-metric methods such as visual examination of bone morphology for sex determination is entirely dependent on experience and expertise but anthropometry plays some role in creating a data which can be useful for sex
more » ... rmination. Aim: Present study was done to study sexual dimorphism and bilateral asymmetry of human Ileum with respect to chilotic line. Material and Methods: For the present study, hip bones retrieved from Department of Anatomy, PGIMS Rohtak were used. In the present study 100 adult human hip bones of known sex were studied out of which 66 were males and 34 were females. From these two groups bones were studied for metrical parameters of Ilium which involved measurement of pelvic and sacral segments of chilotic line and the chilotic index (CI) was also calculated. Results: In this study it was revealed that the pelvic segment of the chilotic line is greater in females than in males while sacral segment was found more in males than in females. It was also found that in males, pelvic segment of right ileum was less (mean= 49.52 ± 5.19) than that of left (mean= 51.38 ± 5.58). While in females pelvic segment of right ilium is found more (mean= 54.57 ± 5.32) than that of left(mean= 53.92 ± 5.63). Left sided sacral segments in both sexes was found slightly more than that of right side. Chilotic Index was found more in males than in females but in males Chilotic Index (mean= 135.98 ± 15.79) is more on right side while in females it is more (mean=131.54 ± 18.46) on left side. Conclusion: These variables can be used to determine sex as well as the side of the hip bones or its fragments.
doi:10.16965/ijar.2017.130 fatcat:elwrabnaezgarijtys7z23ydia