Learning through play – the educational reflection following compensatory activities conducted in primary grades 1-3 using PUS blocks

Ewelina Piecuch
Learning is an inseparable element of life accompanying every person in knowing the world. It can occur in various events, planned and spontaneous situations. In the school environment learning is mostly formalized into didactic classes, workshops, the development of skills, clubs etc. In the school year 2012/2013 I conducted workshops for children in one of the public elementary schools in Wroclaw with the use of PUS bricks. Children from the first, second and third classes took part in them.
more » ... conducted my research in the qualitative interpretative paradigm. I used the research in action method. I described my conclusions arising from participatory observation, which I conducted in the group researching the engagement of children, their interest in the topics covered as well as the attitude of parents toward the workshops. Play, well guided by the teacher with the PUS educational bricks positively affects the development of students. It stimulates thinking, increases self-reliability and activity during the didactic process.
doi:10.15503/edut.2016.1.135.144 fatcat:eig7dawmfrhfnlkbq6mtauhvua