Identifying Side Effects of Some Drugs Used in Covid-19 Treatment [post]

Irfan Aygün, Mehmet Kaya, Reda Alhajj
2020 unpublished
To increase the success in Covid 19 treatment, many drug suggestions are presented, and some clinical studies are shared in the literature. There have been some attempts to use some of these drugs in combination. However, using more than one drug together may cause serious side effects on patients. Therefore, detecting drug-drug interactions of the drugs used will be of great importance in the treatment of Covid 19. In this study, the interactions of 8 drugs used for Covid 19 treatment with 645
more » ... different drugs and possible side effects estimates have been produced using Graph Convolutional Networks. Organ systems and diseases in which these 8 drugs cause the most negative effects have been identified. In addition, as it is known that some of these 8 drugs are used together in Covid-19 treatment, the side effects caused by using these drugs together are shared. With the experimental results obtained, it is aimed to facilitate the selection of the drugs and increase the success of Covid 19 treatment according to the targeted patient.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:767h5l6c5vfnbnmxnitcbpv7me