Evaluating Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics For Use in Software Visualisation [thesis]

Craig Anslow
<p>3D web software visualisation has always been expensive, special purpose, and hard to program. Most of the technologies used require large amounts of scripting, are not reliable on all platforms, are binary formats, or no longer maintained. We can make end-user web software visualisation of object-oriented programs cheap, portable, and easy by using Extensible (X3D) 3D Graphics, which is a new open standard. In this thesis we outline our experience with X3D and discuss the suitability of X3D
more » ... as an output format for software visualisation.</p>
doi:10.26686/wgtn.16934440.v1 fatcat:hkdriu2eujaklhwy7cz5eicycq