Supercapacitive Properties of Polyaniline Electrode Electrodeposited on Carbon Nanotube/Acetonitrile-Butadiene Rubber as a Flexible Current Collector

Jee-Hye Park, Sang-Hern Kim, Jang-Myoun Ko, Young-Gi Lee, Kwang-Man Kim
2011 Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology  
Flexible sheets consisting of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) and carbon nanotube (CNT) are newly prepared varying the composition (CNT 20-25 wt.%) for use as a current collector of supercapacitor electrodes. The as-prepared CNT/NBR is electrodeposited with aniline using potentiodynamic cyclic voltammetry to yield a polyaniline (PANI)/CNT/NBR composite electrode. It is confirmed that the electrical conductivity of CNT/NBR current collector can be enhanced as the content of CNT increases.
more » ... of CNT increases. Cyclic voltammetry result shows that the sample of PANI/CNT(25 wt.%)/NBR composite achieves a maximum specific capacitance (134.9 F g -1 ) at 5 mV s -1 . Such supercapacitor application is possibly originated from the synergistic effects consisting of higher polarity of nitrile groups in NBR, conducting pathway of CNT, and electroactive property of PANI.
doi:10.5229/jecst.2011.2.4.211 fatcat:jzf7vwkxkjboxfwqhmxu7nvoxi